And isn’t that the truth for so many things. For me, and in this moment in time, I am talking about writing.

I have always loved reading and remember at a young age asking my parents to buy me books that I would devour in one sitting. I am an introvert so this activity has always served a great purpose for me. When I’m reading I get to live adventures, fall in love, open my horizons and most of all re-energize from living in such a busy world full of people and stuff to do. So yeah, I love to read.

My love of books has also made me wish I could be the person on the other side, the creator of stories, worlds, conversations, possibilities, characters. Despite this desire to write I haven’t actually done it before and don’t even know if I’m any good. How can that even be defined? As a reader, I consume so many different styles or writing and storytelling. Never before has it been so easy to publish your own work. I’ve come across writing that is so simple but captivating and writing that requires a bit more thought. To me, reading is like watching TV. Sometimes you want to sit and watch a drama full of plot twists and angst and other times you just want to watch something light that helps you relax.

It was this thought that made me wonder about writing. Not that I had anything in particular that I wanted to write about and I suppose that was the main reason I hadn’t started anything. So what happened to change that?

Engaging with lots of writers on social media is a brilliant way to get an insight into their world. I’m naturally very curious, or ahem…nosy, so I look up lots of random stuff. Anyway, my random lookups took me to the Dreamspinner Press website. There I found they have a few initiatives that allow anyone to submit their work to be published. If it’s any good then it can be published as an ebook. Great!

But I still don’t have a book to publish! Bummer.

If you look up Dreamspinner Press and have a look around the site you will find they have an initiative called World of Love. This is where writers can claim a country and write a gay (male/male) romance novella that is set in that country. Once you claim a country you have 6 months to submit your novella. There are already a few that have been published and a few under contract that will be published shortly.

So going back to me not having a clue what to write about. As I read the terms and conditions to submit the novella I started getting some ideas and suddenly it became very clear. I knew what I wanted to write about.


It was very easy to choose a country to claim. I was born in Portugal and lived there until I was 20 years old. I visit often, mostly as a tourist these days, but I know the country, its customs, and its people. I could talk for hours about all the wonderful places everyone should visit and things to try. It became very easy to have an outline of a story in my head so I made up a synopsis and submitted it to Dreamspinner Press. At their own peril they accepted my claim to Portugal so now I have until the end of August to write my novella. eek!!!!!!!

I feel like I’ve started my own adventure and I feel very strongly about documenting it. I’ve always been rubbish at maintaining blogs beyond the first few posts but this feels different. I want to share this craziness that is my journey towards becoming a published author. I hope that along the way if there is anyone out there reading this and feels inspired to write that they just do it and don’t feel scared that they aren’t good enough. That goes for anything, not just writing, by the way.

A few interesting discoveries have already happened but I will share those in the next few posts. After all, I can’t give everything away at the beginning. Gotta keep you wanting to come back for more. So please, if you are out there reading all these words, follow me and keep me company because if nothing else, this is going to be one hell of an interesting journey.